last updated: February 26, 2004


General Questions:

Common problems and possible solutions:

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Accessories and retro-fits:

How does 7 series look in different colors:

General Questions:

What does E65/66 stand for?

E65 is a production code assigned to the new 7 series which is used within BMW. Every model of BMW has its own production code. For example, previous generation 7 series had the production code E38. E66 denoted the long base version of the current 7 series.


When was the first E65 produced?

First E65's appeared in North America in Winter of 2002. In Europe they were released a bit earlier than that.

Please note that only 745i/745iL versions were available at that time.


What is the difference between "i" and "Li" versions?

"L" stands for "long", so basically "iL" is just and extended version of "i". To be specific, "iL" is 14 centimeters/5.5 inches longer than "i", increasing the rear passengers leg room significantly. There are two visual accents that separate "iL" versions of the car: a chrome metal strip running along the roof on both sides and a strip of wood on the back shelf. There is also one additional option available for order on "iL": rear climate control with a built in cooling box.


Is there a sport version of 745i/iL?

Sport package is available for order. It includes sport suspension, sport steering wheel, sport seats, 19" alloy wheels (Styling 126) with 245/45R front and 275/40R rear performance tires, shadowline exterior trim, dark high-gloss wood interior trim, roof rail trim in body color on the 745Li.

Important ordering guidelines:

- It is important to note that Sport Package models are
available only with the exclusive Pearl leather upholstery
in the following colors: Flannel Gray, Cream Beige,
Stone Green, and Black.

• The following options cannot be ordered with the Sport Package:
Adaptive Ride Package, Cold Weather Package,
Luxury Seating Package, Heated Steering Wheel,
Front Comfort Seats, and Run-flat tires.

• Also, the Sport Package is not available in the following
exterior colors: Oxford Green, Kalahari Beige, and Chiaretto Red.

Some press release photos:


What are the differences between 745s and 760s?

First of all, the engine! 6 liter V12 with Valvetronic, 438HP @ 6000 and 444 ft/lb of torgue @ 3950.
Whole dash is covered with leather, alcantara roof liner, rear A/C, comfort climat controlled rear seats, rear DVD player all come standard (at least in US and Canadian specifications). There are lighted V12 logos in the door sills, V12 logos on front fenders, front fake radiator grille is slightly bigger and different style of wheels are the features that visually differentiate the Big 7er from it's lesser brethren.


Why does the seat button and start/start button stay illuminated even after I leave the car?

This is common to all current BMW's. Even though you turn your engine off and leave the car, the car's electrical system remains on for about 10 minutes. So these lights, along with other electrical devices, will turn on off after 10 minutes. After this, the electrical system goes on standby. Any disturbance to the car will "wake" the electrical system up. This can include opening a door, opening the trunk, pressing a button on the remote key.

Similarly, nav drive whirs and spins for the same reason as above.


What can I tell about my car from my VIN?

From your VIN you can determine your car build date, at what factory it was produced and other information. Following is the list of sites that can "decode" your VIN for you. Note that both of this links are outdated and I am unable to find and newer databases.

- VIN Decoder - This database is outdated and only works for pre-2003 cars, unfortunately
- VIN Chart - this chart gives you an understanding what VIN shows. It is quite outdated in terms of production years.


Where can I get car's manual in digital form?

Right click and choose "Save As...":
- 2002 Manual [6.3 mb, PDF format]
- 2003 Manual [4.3 mb, PDF format]
- 2004 Manual [5.2 mb, PDF format]


What is the latest general software version (CIP) that is available for the 7 series?

The latest general software version, also called CIP, reported is 10.1. Generally, as with all software, the later the version the better.
BMW supposedly has a policy telling dealers to update all the cars whenever they get the chance, so be sure to remind your service advisor about it.


BlueTooth phones in 7 series?

BlueTooth is a wireless technology that would allow use of a variety of BlueTooth equipped celluar phones to be in the car without any need to plug the phone in. Unfortunately, BMW has not released any new information regarding the integration of this technology in the 7 series. 2004 models still do not have BT.


Re-design/facelift rumours!?

Given the confusion about 7 series "re-designs", I thought I'd clear things up. BMWNA has officially released a bulletin to its dealers stating that there will be no changes to the exterior or interior design of E65/66 in 2004 model year. New options and or colours will become available. The usual "mid-life" facelift will occur sometime 2005, several years after the model introduction (usual practice on all BMW models). Any magazine articles that claim full re-design in a month are simply wrong.


Common problems and possible solutions:

Steering wheel vibration at speeds above 60km/h / 35m/h?

Such a vibration can be caused by unproprely balanced wheels. First step to solve this problem would be to contact your dealership and let them fix it. If the problem is found to be unbalanced wheels and dealership is unable to fix it visit site GSP9700 and find the nearest location that has this balancing machine. Preferably the dealership should pay for this expense since they were unable to fix the problem themselves.

Also, many times (such as in my case), even perfectly road-force balanced cars STILL have the vibration. In this case, your service manager at your BMW dealership must contact his FIELD SALES REPRESENTATIVE and place you on the waiting list for a NEW steering rack. This retrofit apparently reduces the shock felt in the steering wheel and is "supposed to" eliminate the vibration at 45MPH+.


Rough idle when in "P" or in "D" while shopped?

Rough idle seems to be corrected by software updates. Confirmed latest update is CIP 9.2 (the version number is show on your work order if any software updates were done).


Transmission shifts are less than smooth at low speeds or stops?

This problem also seems to be corrected by software updates. Confirmed latest update is CIP 9.2 (the version number is show on your work order if any software updates were done).


Navigation displays "VEREINIGTE STAATEN" in the destination input menu?

To bring your car back to this side of the world follow these steps :)

1) Insert the ignition key
4) Select the main menu in the control display by pushing the controller one or two times in the same direction
5) Push the controller to the right to select Navigation
6) Select "Dest. input"
7) Select "ABC..."
8) Select "Country" (the field that shows "VEREINIGTE STAATEN")
9) Select the return arrow
10) Push the controller to the lower left to select "Settings"
11) Select country settings (the two flags)
12) Select "Francais"
13) Wait until the text on display has changed to French
14) Push the controller to the right to select "Navigation"
15) Select "Pays"
16) Select "ETATS UNIS"
17) Push the controller to the lower left to select "Reglages" (Settings)
18) Select "US English"
19) Wait until the text on display has changed to English
20) Push the controller to the right to select "Navigation"
21) Select "Country" (the field that shows "ETATS UNIS")
22) Select "UNITED STATES"
23) Select "Town/City"
24) Select any town
25) Select "AS DEST."
26) Select "Route Guide"
27) Wait for the display showing you the direction or for the spoken instructions
28) Remove the ignition key
29) Wait 16 minutes until vehicle changes to consumer cutoff mode
30) Turn the ignition on
31) Input a destination to confirm that the country is still "UNITEDSTATES"

If there were any previous entries with "VEREINIGTE STAATEN" delete all these destinations (ensure that all entries are deleted in Dest.List, Last Dest. and Addressbook)

Important: There have been reports that with later build models that Pays is not selectable (step 15). The solution is to wait 30 minutes after you change the language.


Voice Command (SVS) doesn't work?

You can remove fuse 5 in located in the glove box for 2 minutes. This will reset SVS and telephone control modules and restores Voice Activation.


Tire pressure monitor is not working or is working erratically?

Follow this initialization procedure:

0. Check tire pressures with reliable gauge
1. First, Start engine
2. Wait 15 seconds, stop engine. Leave key fob in and power remains on
3. Chose Settings (Southwest direction)
4. Choose TPM
5. Choose Initialize
6. Start engine. (You will receive the Initializing TPM message on dashboard) The pictogram of tires will be gray and pressures will not appear. Car "health" icon will be yellow
7. Drive moderately about 6-8 miles
8. TPM will initialize, tire pressures will appear. Tires in pictogram will turn green. Car "health" icon will be green
9. Verify pressures reported with tire pressure gauge

The spare tire is monitored, too. There are actual sensors in wheels (previous systems used wheel speed sensors based on the circumference of the wheel to determine pressure loss). The sensors are in the valve stems. Make sure that the spare sensor points directly to the right (passenger side) of the car. The right rear antenna pickup also monitors the spare tire, with the sensor in the valve stem. That's why you have to point the spares valvestem to the RIGHT rear wheel (near the back of the wheel well).

NOTE: You have to have the spare within 6 psi of the rear tires, it uses the spare as its reference pressure for the rear tires. So just set the spare to whatever the rear tires are set at. Only then can you follow the TPM initialize procedure. Everything should initialize properly (you need to drive up to 30 min to get green tires with the tire pressure readings).


Key fobs not working properly?

Make sure your key fobs are operating at 315Mhz. Check the writing on the back of the fobs. The first early builds have different fobs. The later 315Mhz fobs are the updated ones with more range and reliability.
Also, make sure you use both fobs every few months, lest their batteries die. The fobs are recharged when used to start the car.

Also not that tinting rear window can negatively impact key fob transmitter reception. The receiver antenna is in the rear window, and metallic tint can interfere.


Car not starting?

There is a Service Info Bulletin #120602. According to the bulletin:

"All vehicles before June production are getting a *new* IVM module due to no-start conditions." Show this to your dealer.


Possible solution to TPM (tire pressure monitor) sensor failures/errors.

One contributor found out that metal vavle caps can interfere with TPM sensors, resulting in error codes, etc. Leave plastic valve caps if you have TPM system!
It also should be noted that metal valve caps can bond with plastic stem under high temperatures, so it is recommended to leave plastic caps on.


"Please inster Navigation CD..." error message.

According to a friendly master mechanic the following Navigation software needs to be used:

- Navigation software ver. 21.0 for CD based navigation units
- Navigation software ver. 22.0 or later for DVD based navigation units.

These software versions are in effect as of Nov 13th, 2003 and maybe be changed with future software updates.


"Passanger restraint system failure" error message.

While you obviosly should bring the car in to make sure, it is highly possible that this error message is caused by a simple software glitch and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the car's airbags and seat belts. BMW is aware of this glitch and is working on a fix.

New: There have been some reports that the software fix has been released to the dealerships.


Tips and Tricks:

Checking you instrumentation cluster version. (As per Brian Lewis)

While car is on, press the mileage reset button in the top left corner of the dash, hold it in for 15 seconds.

Now you will have menu options from 01 to 21, you can now continue to use that button or use the bottom button on the turn signal, press the button for 5 seconds to open the 01 Identification menu.

Now press that button about 5 times, 1 second each time, to scroll down to VIN, find the last 5 digits of your vin, sum up the values, you will need this information later.

Now press the button for 5 seconds to get back to the menu.

Press the Button (1 sec intervals) to get down to option 19 UNLOCKING.
Once there, press in the button for 5 seconds to get to execute that menu option.

Now press the button (1 sec intervals) to get to that value you computed with your vin, once its dialed in, hold the button in for 5 seconds to get back to the main menu. Now all the options on the menu will work (unlocked!)
This lets you look at a lot of sensor information, speed of vehicle (digital readout that is 100% accurate!! but in km/h), true tank capacity, Bitmap examples for the dash (cool thing). Also under the Identification menu you can scroll down to MASTER and find out what version of software your car has!!!! Mine has 06.09.60, still not sure how this compares to '' which is supposedly the latest.

To Enter and Exit menus you hold for 5 seconds, to scroll down you hold for 1 second, to exit main menu completely hold for 15 seconds, and you do not need to Unlock the computer next time, it will always be unlocked until you lock it or the dealer locks it.


Checking some version numbers through iDrive. (As per LowTech)

Enter Service Mode of Control Display by:

1. In Basic Menu display (N,S,E,W), press down the iDrive Controller for 6 seconds.
Hint: The help text flashes briefly when it is ready.
2. Turn Controller 3 increments clockwise. (Increment means click)
3. Turn Controller 3 increments counter clockwise.
4. Turn Controller 1 increment clockwise.
5. Turn Controller 1 increment counter clockwise.
6. Turn Controller 1 increment clockwise.
7. Press Controller to confirm.
8. Enter "MOST Devices" menu.
9. Browse
But to get the final comprehensive versions, you really need the BMW dealer's tech equipment though.

For this "hack" the latest versions reported are:
ASK: 7.3.3
NAV: 8.1.14
Telephone: 4.7.0
Voice: 7.5.0


Adjusting volume of Navigation prompts, phone, or Voice Command (SVS).

Use the volume controls while the computer voice or caller is actually speaking.


Start/Stop button tip.

When the car is running - pressing and holding the Start/Stop button places car in park, shuts down engine, shuts down accessories and ejects the key. Also, if you hold the button in WHILE you are stopping, then immediately when the car stops it parks and pops the key out, even faster!! So 1 second before you are at a complete stop, hold the button in and stop the car, presto, the key pops out.


Sunshade tip.

From the driver's seat - to raise and lower all sunshades (rear and side) press and hold the sunshade button. To raise or lower just the rear shade, just press the sunshade button briefly.


How do i open and close my windows and moonroof using my remote key?

Press the unlock button 2 times in succession. On the second press, hold the unlock button down until windows and moonroof are open. Opening any door or trunk lid will halt the operation, and you will have to start over.

To close, take the key out of the remote, and place it in the keyhole. Turn it right and hold it down until windows and moonroof are closed.


Window safety switch tip.

This switch is located on the drivers door near the sunshade switch. Usually it turns of rear window control for safety reasons (children), but in E65 it also disables rear sunshade controls and rear seat controls.


Be careful if you are in an exceedingly hot climate.

It has been noticed that high temperatures can affect electronics. Use the aux. timed ventilation and/or leave sunroof vented to prevent any problems.
Follow instructions on Page 106-107 in the manual, note the risk of battery depletion.


Toggle max A/C off before shutting down car.

You might have noticed that if you shut down the car with MAX A/C on, A/C will be turned off next time you start the car. But if the car was turned off with just A/C running, it will remain on.


The front center compartment is cooled.

Front center console compartment is cooled by AC vent which you can open/close from within the compartment.
Please note that this vent is on the same airduct as the two rear vents located between the seats. So, if you close those rear vents the vent inside the center console won't work.


Brake dust reduction.

By the end of 2002, Mintex brake pads will be available for the E65. They are very low dust pads. See


Locations where to install radar detectors and transponders.

There has been some rumors that radar detectors do not work in E65 because of a special coating used on the windshield. Here's what one of our contributors had to say about that:

Radar detectors will work, but the ultraviolet tint on the windshield seems to reduce their range a bit. I have a Valentine One mounted low on the windshield just about in-between the hump for the driver's instrument cluster and the hump for the video screen. If you take a flashlight and point it at various angles at the windshield in that area, you will see that it is a very slight pattern/color variation at that point.

Another possible location is up near the rearview mirror in the center of the windshield, there is a cut out around the rain sensor.

These locations also should be used for installation of transponders used for toll highways or any other devices that need to work through the windshield.

Here are photos illustrating both preferrable mounting locations:

Top location Bottom location


There are two arrays of AM and FM stations.

There are two arrays of FM stations: 1-12 and A1-A6. On the iDrive entertainment menu, re-click FM to toggle between the two. Once the correct array is selected, click memory to scan and store for each particular array. So, you really get 18 stored FM stations.

Note that tone settings (treble, bass, balance, fader, eq, logic 7) and radio presets are stored separately for each system (CD or Radio) as well as in each key fob.


Audio/Radio presets are stored in the key.

For some of us this was confusing at first :) You get two keys with the car, and each key stores your audio/radio settings are stored in the key fob. So you need to set this up twice - once for each key. Convenient if you have a second driver/wife/kids who want different station presets.


Satellite Radio and Nav TV for E65 will be available

Follow these links: for information on Satellite Radio for information on viewing TV in the iDrive screen


Discount on BMW vehicles for BMWCCA members!

Discount is available through BMW CCA. However, you must be a member for at least 1 year. See CCA discount rules (.pdf file) for more information.


Tips regarding tracking and delivery of your car.

- Don't worry if your order status is not correct on BMWUSA Owner's circle. It is frequently inaccurate. Get a copy of the printed order with production number directly from your dealer. That should be the accurate master document.

- BMW Production status codes:
Interpretation of these Status codes, which are provided by Owner's circle tracking site or your dealer.

Code Meaning
0 Order deleted by BMWNA
17 Order not specified
37 Order is at BMWNA
87 Production week assigned
97 Order sent to AG
100 Order deleted by AG
101 Error in date transmitted
102 Special order (no production week)
105 Order out of production period
111 Order accepted at AG
112 Order scheduled for production
150 Production started
151 Body shop started
152 Paint shop started
153 Assembly started
155 Production completed
160 Released to distribution
168 AG stock
170 Waiting workshop
172 Planned for workshop
174 Workshop entry
176 Workshop complete
180 Waiting for export dispatch
181 Waiting for domestic dispatch
182 AG load number - released to carrier
190 Dispatched export BMWAG
191 Returned to BMWAG
193 Arrived at port of exit
194 Selected for shipment
195 Shipped from port of exit
198 Shipment arrival


- Tracking your order once shipped
If you have the VIN for your car (e.g. from the BMWUSA Owner's Circle web site), you can determine the ship it's on and related information from the Wallenius web site. In at least one case, this has given folks more accurate information than they have received from the BMW NA 1-800 phone number.

Here are the details:
1) Go to the Wallenius web site.
2) Select "Cargo Tracking" in the left frame.
3) Under "Track By Cargo", select "Auto".
4) In the "Cargo ID" field, enter the VIN and select "Track".
5) Wait patiently.

It will display, among other things, the vessel name, the voyage ID (with a link to the travel schedule), the ports of origin and destination, and a brief status history list (from Wallenius's perspective).

- Alternative way (thanks Pan):
To track the progress of your ship you need to know its call sign. You get that from the US Coast Guard site PSIX . Once you have the call sign you can use the Oceanweather, Inc. site to track your ship on a map.

You can find the ship clicking on the part of the ocean that you ship should be traveling through. Then click on the circle marked “Maritime Observations” and look for the call signs. If you are really obsessed you can get the Latitude and Longitude when the ship reported the sea conditions by clicking on the words “Observation Table”

- Click for a map showing which ports serve what states (U.S.A. only). Click for New Jersey's Auto Marine Terminal site.
All Canadian bound BMW's come through Halifax, NS.

- Checklist for taking delivery on new 7
- Visual walk around
- Check the key fob for distance, make sure it says "315 Mhz" on the back
- Check the NAV system to be sure that voice directions are given
- Check all basic iDrive functions (climate, sound system settings)
- Ask the sales manager to demonstrate that the SOS system works
- Change cell phone service
- Make sure that all recall and tech service bulletins were performed
- Check mileage on odometer, should be around 5-7 miles (7-12 kms)
- Check Speedometer ticks aligned for MPH not Kilometer, and vice versa for Canada
- Make sure that the front license plate holder and "Dealer" plate are replaced with the beauty spacer that matches the vehicle
- Make sure that no other decals of dealer emblems are applied
- Get the car and key memory option sheet from your salesperson and fill it in, so that car and key memory options areas set the way you want them
- Make sure the tire pressure is correct (as per the table on the driver's door) and Tire Pressure Monitor is working properly
- Make sure everything is in English, including the country name in navigation
- Make sure that all measurements are U.S. standard (not metric) assuming a U.S. use of the vehicle
- Get the car and key memory option sheet from your salesperson and fill it in, so that car and key memory options areas set the way you want them


Operating interior lights to keep bugs away.

If you need the door(s) open for a while on a summer night, but do not want the interior cabin lights to attract bugs, you can turn the cabin lights off while the doors are open. Here's how:

If you want the interior lamps to remain off continuously, maintain pressure on the Overhead console center light button for approx. 3 seconds. All cabin lights will go out.
To revert to normal operation, press the overhead center button briefly.


Programing the phone using a pause function and the telecommander send key for voice mail.

See phone instructions . Enter number with pause for passcode:
Press Function
Press Send.
You will see: Insert Pause o
Press Dot
Enter code
You can enter as many pauses and codes as you need to check multiple mailboxes or extensions.

When dialing the number, open the telecommander pad on the Seven. Press the send or off-hook key (upper right) when the time is right. The code will be dialed in automatically. Can repeat for multiple voicemail or passcodes. Convenient and safe.


Parallel parking tip.

Press mirror selector switch left to have passenger mirror tilt down when you are in reverse. Common feature on all BMW models.


Getting the most from Logic7 sound system.

We refer to it as the "Spatial Reference" effect. Here's how to get it.
Through the "Memory" menu in the Entertainment section of the iDrive Control Display, select the "Logic 7" item. You'll note a scale from 1 to 10. By selecting this scale, you can influence the sound to affect how your ears hear the voice and instruments, by varying the extent of the surround sound. It sets the level of Logic 7 processing.

You will notice with it completely off, that the voices come from the left and right speakers, as you turn up the Logic 7 processing, notice how the stage draws closer to the center of your windshield and that's where you hear the voices coming from instead of the left and right doors.

New Owners: It's important that you set the Logic 7 function to 7-10 (depending on your preferences) to get the full benefit of "surround sound". Otherwise, you'll hear the sound from the individual speakers. The Logic 7 digitizes it and makes you feel as though the sound source is all around you. It really makes the system kick...


Recommended Stereo/Equalizer settings.

Here are settings that our contributors found to work best:

Courtesy of Brian Lewis:

100hz: +3
200hz: +6
500hz: +7
1Khz: +3
2Khz: +5
5Khz: +9
10Khz: +10

(bar on the zero middle line DOES NOT count, so these are +3 bars, +6 bars, etc)
Treble = Setting 5
Bass = Setting 5
Logic7 = Setting 7

Courtesy of Z8Mania:

100hz: +1 (this is because I have reduced the bass control)
200hz: 0
500hz: 0
1khz: -1
5khz: 0
10khz: +1

For the other controls:
Trebble: +3
Bass: -5
Balance: 0
Fader: 0
Speed volume: 3
Logic 7: 8 (this one is really dependent on where the listener sits in the car- in general most people will prefer between 7 and 9.)


Voice control tips.

Using Your Mobile Phone - Communications
Example 1: Dialing a Number


>dial number<
(enter number on keypad using complete number with area code)


Example 2: Saving a Name to Voice Command Telephone Directory


>load telephone book<

>save name<
(say name and repeat name upon request and then enter phone number)


>telephone on< - Turns the telephone on

>telephone< - Command: Telephone

>dial number< - Enter phone number via key pad after saying

>dial< - Dials the number requested

>redial< - Redials last number called

>load telephone book< - Displays Phonebook

>save name< - saves name to phone book

>save< - saves to phone book

>select name< - Commands, home, office, mobile phone, fax, pager

>read out< - Listen to the desired numerical sequence

>next< - To scroll forward in phone book

>previous< - To scroll backwards in phone book

>repeat< - To repeat entry

>delete< - Delete the entire number

>delete entry< - Deletes an individual entry in phone book

>delete telephone book< - Delete the entire phone book

Standard commands work with all voice command functions. They are:
>repeat<, >cancel<, >standard dialog<,>short dialog<,>help<,>options<,>main menu<
(see page 28 in Owners Manual for complete descriptions of these commands)

Using Your Navigation System
Example 1:


>route guidance to home<

Example 2:


>read out address book<

>next< (until you see your destination on display)


>route guidance on<

>navigation< - Turns on Navigation System

>route selection< - Allows choice of roads to be taken

>via freeway<
>without freeway<
>fastest route<
>shortest route<

>information location< - Finds 10 nearest locations of chosen category
>Gas Stations<
>restaurant< (other selections available but not noted here)
>tourist attraction<
>BMW Center<

>information destination< - All places available within chosen category

>Gas Stations<
>restaurant< (other selections available but not noted here)
>tourist attraction<
>BMW Center<

>last dest< - Selects your last destination for return

>map< - Displays navigation system map

>scale< - Allows choice of map scale, example 1 mile

>route guidance on< - You will be guided to your destination

>route guidance off< - Stops guidance

>message on< - Turns on voice directions

>message off< - Turns off voice directions

>save destination< - Allows name to be entered manually for a destination

>select< - To select highlighted destination

>select destination< - Allows guidance to pre-selected destinations

>read out address book< - Displays pre-selected destinations
>next< - Scroll forward in address book
>back< - Scroll backwards in address book
>repeat< - Repeat
>route guidance to home< - Routes you to pre-entered home address
>delete< - Deletes selected individual entry
>delete address book< - Deletes entire address book

Standard commands work with all voice command functions. They are: >repeat<, >cancel<, >standard dialog<, >short dialog<,>help<,>options<,>main menu<
(see page 28 in Owners Manual for complete descriptions of these commands)


Battery care tip.

It's always recommended to turn OFF the battery switch in the trunk (right side latch, near the top) if you are not using the car for more than a week. The power module checks the status of the battery switch, if it's OFF, the power module cuts the power supply to the complete car if the car was not disturbed for more than 30 minutes and thereby letting the car to sleep untill it's waken up by any action such as opening of the door. The ON position of the battery switch doesn't allow the power module to sleep, there will be still some little amount of power consumed by some control units.

Please note that voltage of your battery should be > 12 volts. If less, you need to replace a new battery.


Car and key memory settings.

Click here for MS Office Excel file with all of the options and their default settings mapped out, courtesy of Peter Najar aka pan.


Accessories and retro-fits:

Leather/Wood steering wheel

This is an accessory availabe for order through any BMW dealers. Following are photos illustrating the steering wheel:


StepTronic retrofit:

Earlier US bound 7ers came without StepTronic (manual shifting) feature. Starting 2003, all 7ers have this feature. But for people with 2002 cars, not all is lost. Only a new style steering wheel (with StepTronic buttons) and reprogramming are needed.

One of our contributors have successfully performed this retrofit. The price was around $1,500, all work was done by the dealership and all parts were provided by them. So, those who want StepTronic, go make an appointment :)


Fire Extinguisher:

You can get a fire extinguisher mounted to one of your front seats. Part numbers and installation overview here.


How does E65 look in different colors:

Sapphire Black with Black Leather:


Sapphire Black with Sand Leather (courtesy of E65MikeB):


Titanium Silver with Gray Leather (courtesy of LowTech):


Kalahari Beige with Beige Leather and AC Schnitzer body-kit (courtesy of Fireo):


Toledo Blue with Gray Leather (courtesy of Mathew)


Alpine White


Alpine White with Gray Leather (courtesy of Jay):


Chiaretto Red with Biege Leather


Sterling Grey with Black Leather (courtesy of Big Wheels #2)


Titanium Silver with Gray Leather (760Li)


Kalahari Biege with 22'' Breyton Magic Sport wheels.